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    A trip to the Julia glassworks in Poland


    Poland is not only Krakow, Zakopane and the sea. There are also many other picturesque, but less known places that are worth visiting. One of them is the Julia steelworks located in Piechowice. A place recommended for all people sensitive to beauty derived from human hands.

    A trip to the Amazon logistics center


    Amazon is a powerhouse on the international internet sales market - indisputably, it is a master when it comes to logistics. No wonder that the company proudly deals with what it can and encourages all interested people to see how it all looks "from the kitchen". Visiting the Amazon logistics center is a treat primarily for all those who work or want to act similarly, but not only. What you can see during your journey to the logistics office of this corporation will fascinate and surprise everyone!

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    A trip to the chocolate factory - not only for children!


    Sweetness is never too much! However, true chocolate gourmets do not stop at tasting, but fascinated with sweets, they want to go a step further - get to know the depth of each chocolate bar. It turns out, therefore, that the chocolate factory is a fascinating place to visit, not only for children.

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