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A trip to the chocolate factory - not only for children!


    Sweetness is never too much! However, true chocolate gourmets do not stop at tasting, but fascinated with sweets, they want to go a step further - get to know the depth of each chocolate bar. It turns out, therefore, that the chocolate factory is a fascinating place to visit, not only for children.

    The great happiness of gourmands who want to discover this sweet world lies in the fact that not only Willy Wonka came up with the idea of ​​opening his kingdom and showing it to others. There are many manufactures in the world who willingly share chocolate secrets with tourists, although the sweetest secrets will never be betrayed...

    German Chocolate Factory in Hornow

    The Chocolate Factory located in German Hornow is a place totally fascinating for chocolate fans of all ages. Probably, even those who do not belong to the gourmands, would also be delighted with the whole production process, which is exposed here.

    There are numerous attractions waiting for the guests:

    • self-decoration of chocolate

    • ordering the making of decorations to professionals

    • a huge selection of small chocolate art works

    It's like a demonstration-production workshop, because you can not only be an eyewitness to the whole process of creating sweets, but you can become the creator yourself.

    This is a culinary journey with chocolate in the main role and history in the background. A visit to this or another chocolate factory should be a duty on the list of dreams for each and every gourmand! This allows you to fully understand how high-quality chocolate is made, as well as why it does not cost as much as the usual market-based chocolate.


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