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A trip to the Julia glassworks in Poland


    Poland is not only Krakow, Zakopane and the sea. There are also many other picturesque, but less known places that are worth visiting. One of them is the Julia steelworks located in Piechowice. A place recommended for all people sensitive to beauty derived from human hands.


    Julia glassworks - a unique experience for whole families

    Julia glassworks is a place where glass masterpieces are created - it is natural that people interested in the manual production process visit Julia so often and willingly. There are skilled guides working there - enthusiasts who care that this trip is truly unique. Thanks to them you can step by step experience the beauty of this craft, which is the production of crystals.

    During the trip in Julia glassworks, you can count on the following attractions:

    • observation of the careful work of craftsmen

    • getting to know a fascinating story straight from the metallurgical furnace

    • discovering the "Secrets of Glass"

    An additional advantage of trips to Julia glassworks is the fact that it is a place open to tourists every day. Also for people with disabilities. You can also look at holidays or weekends here. For Geeks, a great attraction will also be the opportunity to get acquainted with the whole range of specific properties of crystal glass. The prices for the entrance are very small, almost symbolic.

    You can also count on discounts for children, organized groups or people with disabilities. It is worth to contact the Julia Service Office if you have any additional questions, counting on really fast help and a friendly attitude of Polish hospitality.


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